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Cultivating Creative Spaces

About Me

About Me

A recent graduate of James Madison University, class of 2022, studying Theater, with a concentration in Design & Technology with focused coursework in Business and Non-profit Studies. My driving passion is cultivating supported spaces where the creative process can thrive through organization, communication, and management. Throughout my undergraduate career, stage management has been my primary mode of fulfillment, gravitating towards new works, devised pieces, and educational arenas - interacting with new and revolutionary ideas that question norms and push boundaries.

Thanks to JMU’s BA approach to theater education, I have had the privilege to explore all sectors of theater and have enjoyed participating in a range of areas. Gravitating to hands-on, physical modes of creation such as costume construction, fabrication, and electrics, I deeply enjoy ‘making.’ During the pandemic, I found unexpected joy in immersing myself in the world of digital performance. Through coursework with Anonymous Ensemble and a partnership with budding production company One Egg No Batter, I found online production a playground full of possibilities. I am excited to continue exploring and discovering what this world has to offer, especially its residual effects on how we, as artists, connect with audiences.

Outside of the arts, I believe in living life full throttle – foraging human connections, returning to nature, and having epic experiences. In the next six years, I hope to backpack all 2,650 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail, convert a school bus into a full-time traveling home, and visit 50 different bodies of water. Not all adventures are epic in scale; I also enjoy playing board games, going on day hikes, making DIY home décor, reading historical fiction, spending time with friends, making cookies, and mini-ing everything. 

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